Deadline (cancelled) Microflash 1993

This was a cancelled game for which only a beta exists. It's similar in many ways to a Wolfenstein 3D add-on. It has a futuristic scenario where your hero has agreed to participate in a cryo-experiment, and was immersed in a kind of suspended animation but somehow did not wake up until hundreds of years later. He discovers that the center (and possibly the whole earth) is full of different kinds of evil aliens who are very hostile, and has to destroy them. There are several types of weapons, several types of enemies, and three kinds of objects for collecting and using (including mines). On the gui at bottom of the screen you can see what weapons you have chosen at the moment, and a nice radar of surrounding area with green dots represnting enemy locations. There's no sound in this version.
Beta Demo 185kb (uploaded by Mr. Lowe's WOLF 3-D PAGE)

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