E.T. Armies Raspina Entertainment 2016

This is a science fiction FPS game that happens in the far future when the Earth is fallen and forgotten. However, a new power has risen on Earth, a power that hungers for supremacy and war. You will play as a Parsis soldier on a mission to defend against a small flare of that power, and on the way you will face much more than what you've expected. Powered by Unreal technology, the game delivers exceptional visuals in an indie world. Detailed environments, characters and weapons along with high quality visual effects in different environment atmospheres give you a unique experience among other titles. Alongside a modern high-tech atmosphere in the game you will experience a complete unique mixture of science fiction and Persian historical architecture. Before reaching a massively armed Abandoned Factory, you will play in a ruined city inspired from Persepolis environments. Using in-depth and professional programming, the game benefits from neat game flow and AI system for both allies and enemies. Facing your enemies in different situations combined with cinematic driven gameplays will always keep you on the edge. Using motion capture to deliver high quality animations for humanoid NPCs, combined with various types of mechanical enemies such as flying drones and copters, the game promises an interesting fast paced gameplay.
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ISO Demo 2.92GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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