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Game title: Corpse Party Collection
Type: Rip
Uploaded: 2015-09-02 11:09:38
Uploader's Notes: Included: Corpse Party: BloodCovered GOG v2.0.0.2, The PC-98 version (Japanese) - use D2Win or DanteWin to run from AppLocale, Corpse Party Rebuilt v1.0e, Corpse Party ZERO v2.0e, Corpse Party Cross Fear v2.0e, Corpse Party if v1.0e, Corpse Party if Past End v1.0e, plus other console games, 2 OVAs: Tortured Souls and Missing Footage (eng subs), live action movie. RPG Tkool XP games require runtime (xp_rtp103.zip) to be installed prior to installing games, and preferably be installed with AppLocale AND (!!IMPORTANT!!) the game executables need to be added to DEP exceptions, or else they won't run. recommend watching the OVAs AFTER playing either the PC-98 version (if you speak Japanese) or the Rebuilt version, AND, although Missing Footage is the prequel to Tortured Souls, strongly recommend watching it AFTER Tortured Souls.
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