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Game title: Skipper & Skeeto - Danish ISO collection
Type: ISO
Uploaded: 2014-06-11 11:06:36
Uploader's Notes: *NOTE: three cd's have protection still. Mount ISO file in Deamon Tools then install, might need to run it as an administrator and compatability with Windows 95. Leg og Lær med Magnus & Myggen (Tales from Paradise Park), Den Store Skattejagt (The Great Treasure Hunt), Skumlesens Hævn (The Revenge of Mr. Shade), Skumlesens Skygge (The Shadow of Mr. Shade) - Safedisc v2.70.030, Mollys Musikmaskine (Molly's Music Machine) - Safedisc v2.70.030, Mysteriet om det Talende Solur (The Mystery of the Talking Sundial) - VOB Protect CD v4 x or order, Midnatsmysteriet (The Midnight Mystery)
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