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Game title: Marathon - MAC ISO
Type: ISO
Uploaded: 2014-12-07 05:12:50
Uploader's Notes: Trial version can be alleviated with use of crack (included in archive; note: to be un-StuffIt-ed in [emulated] Macintosh environment ONLY! un-StuffIt-ing it in Windows environment loses some attributes of the contained file, so that the Mac environment wouldn't recognize it as an executable file anymore!). Contains CD-quality arrangements of 7 of the ingame musical tracks (all of ingame music in Marathon is QMIDI - by the way, it's meant to be played using QuickTime2/2.5 ONLY, using QuickTime 3 or higher in the emulated environment breaks the correct playback of the tracks!). These arrangements cannot be heard during the gameplay itself (this version is as purely QMIDI-based, when it comes to the actual game, as all the ordinary ones), and serve purely as a bonus, to be admired through the means of musical player.
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