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Do you like shooting with interactive video PC/Laptop?

Postby tesla220 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:40 am

If you like shooting games with interactive video then you are in the right place,....

Here is everything related to American Laser Games

You can run American Laser Games mentioned below directly from windows 32/64 bits interface and without DosBox, without Daphne/singe and without emulators, just follow the steps:

1. Download Demo 2003 Version Zip and extract it, (if you downloaded an ISO file then skip to Step 3)
2. Convert img file to iso file using AnyBurn
2.1 AnyBurn Link
2.2 AnyBurn Tutorial
3. Mount ISO to any drive by right clicking the file and then selecting Mount (Win10) or use other software to mount iso to virtual drive
4. Run Exe file from your virtual created drive
5. Enjoy shooting ...


American Laser Games

1. Crime Patrol 1

2. Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars

3. Mad Dog McCree 1
update: Password: apunkagames

4. Mad Dog McCree 2: The Lost Gold

5. Ninja Hayate

6. Space Pirates
update: link thanks to Meddle!RUBhDCYI!BvCVi9aSBPxehg88FtGg4dFtL0XtxXTwL6msG8cyAeU password: AdventureLegends

7. Time Gal

8. Time Traveler

9. The Last Bounty Hunter

10. Who Shot Johnny Rock

11. Fast Draw Showdown

12. Shootout at old Tucson

Update: Non shooting games #13/14/15

13. Dragon's Lair 1

14. Dragon's Lair 2

15. Space Ace


The list will be updated accordingly, please collaborate by uploading the missing games

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