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Welcome to Shadowvale, where the last remnants of magic remain in this world and where fantastic creatures thrive and the strange is ordinary. Nethergate is an rpg played from an isometric view and the game view scrolls tile by tile. You can play from two sides: the Celts or the Romans. If you choose to be the Celts, you fight to protect Shadowvale from the conquering Romans and attain freedom for your people. If you choose to be the Romans, you work to bring order to the land and to remove the presence of a small rebelling tribe. The game takes place in the same world and dungeons no matter what side you play from, but the story and the way you'll be received in different towns are completely different. The combat is handled with a rather simple interface: click in the direction you want a party member to go, click in the direction of a monster if you want to attack it, select the cast spell option and click on the monster you want to cast the spell on. If you look at your characters' statistics, you will find about 30 skills and attributes as well as a disadvantage/advantage section. When you win battles and complete quests, your characters get skill points. You can then go to a training center to use your skill points and assign them to skills of your selection.

See also: Nethergate: Resurrection

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