Raven Project, The Cryo Interactive Entertainment / Mindscape, Inc. 1995

Battle to survive alien annihilation. Conquered and subjugated by an alien race, mankind no longer rules the Earth. While many submit to enslavement, a small band of Freedom Fighters wages a guerrilla war on its captors. You realize you must join them- not only to save your freedom, but to save mankind from extinction. Launch and rule the air in a high-speed space combat fighter. Duel monstrous opponents in a mechanized warrior. Destroy land invaders through surface planetary combat. And man a lethal turret gun along the high-tech, pre-rendered pathways of a futuristic San Francisco. With intense sci-fi action, stunning true-to-life cinematics, and an intricate, unnerving storyline, The Raven Project is a deep-space battle at its most electrifying. Four unparalleled and explosive combat modes: furious interstellar fighting, brutal mechanized warrior face-off, surface-skimming planetary combat, fiery turret gunner action through pre-rendered pathways. It combines pulse-pounding action/adventure with eye-hammering space flight simulation. 45 minutes of live-action video unravel a complex plot, hurling you into a cruel, forbidden future. Choose from more than five sleek spacecraft and avenge the Earth's exploitation. A gleaming arsenal of high-tech weaponry will help you deal justice where justice is due. Brave ultra-realistic mech-versus-mech warfare. Shatter land invaders with surface planetary vehicles. Choose your aircraft from a lineup of flight machines. Cruise the Golden Gate Bridge at mach one speed.
2CD ISO Demo 1.03GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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