Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) / Hazard Ops Yingpei Games / En Masse Entertainment 2012

This is a fantastically over the top looking third-person shooter in which you'll fight (yup you've guessed it) zombies, monsters and robots. It features a suitably ridiculous Sci-Fi story about humans inventing a cross-dimensional portal that allows a whole army of nasty Zs, Ms & Rs access to our world. Of course, they’re not just popping over for a cup of coffee, instead they plan to kill, crush and destroy any humans they come across, including you! Released first in China in by the Chinese collaborators on Gears of War, it's a spiritual successor to Mercenary Ops - a hugely successful game with over 30 million registered users. Gameplay looks quite similar to the Gears of War series, with OTT weaponry and some excellent enemy design, up to eight players working together in co-op missions or 16 players going head to head (includes monsters Vs humans mode). ZMR delivers some fun, team based third person combat with great visuals, style and enemy design. An English version came out in 2014. The game shut down on Oct 31, 2017.
Download: None currently available

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