Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Piranha Games / Sierra 2002

Originally, the Creative Creations developers started work on this as a Duke Numkem 3D then a Half-Life mod before taking the work to Fox (the maker of the films) who financed this final retail game version on the Litchtech engine. The action of this shooter of Sierra is based on the film model of the director John McTiernan's original film (in which Bruce Willis in the lead role became a movie star). It is the yuletide season and the New York cop John McClane travels to L.A. to meet his former wife who separately lives from him with his children. His wife's new employer is a Japanese giant company which establishes a new building as a company headquarter in L.A., which is not finished construction yet. On the main floor, still, there already is a Christmas celebration. John McClane is out of place at the party, but even more so the gangster's group which all take everyone as hostages. The gangsters have prepared for everything including the FBI and any unplanned incidents but not for the stubbornness of John McClane who takes up the fight only with pistol, Zippo and police radio though he is without shoes and socks. One can recognize many scenes from the film, but there are also additional places (cellar, lab). The story is told through in-game graphics. Altogether there are 30 levels. Most persons move well only between the film figure of Ellis (by Hart Bochner) and in the game there is an immense difference already shown. The graphics are rather weak, in particular with the dreary cellar levels. The main weapon is the MP5 of the "terrorists" (gives most ammunition), but there is also grenades, the M60, Steyr Aug and some others. On account of the fact that this is a shooter they had to insert more opponents (how many terrorists can fit in one building? ...). It was also changed that some S.W.A.T teams are able to penetrate into the Nakatomi building. This, just like escaped hostages, one must pull out himself by using an identity disc given to recognize them (not always friendly are the S.W.A.T .'s). The morality system which was announced has is not present. The hard Nakatomi Plaza is a total of one rather simple shooter which uses good recognition value of the film, but technically (graphics, AI) is not very accomplished.
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Level Demo ~84MB ( @ Download.com)
Full Demo ~163MB (created for 3dsl by Hellsgate & upped by keropi including small movies fix by jjim) v1.0.4.1 Update ~2MB (created for 3DSL by loki1985 & upped by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo ~403MB (uploaded by otiscrusher)
Clone ISO Demo 441MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on Win10 311MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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