Astro Tripper PomPom Software Ltd. 2009

This is a remake of PomPom's debut game Space Tripper. Like its predecessor it plays similarly to Uridium which in turn shares many similarities to Defender. The game is a top-down shooter that is played in horizontally-scrolling arenas. Unlike many shooters in the genre the spacecraft does not only move in one direction. With the press of a button the ship turns around allowing the player to go back to where he came from. This is needed as enemies can spawn all around the ship. Like in Defender a radar helps the player to keep track of the enemies. The player has access to two different weapons that he can switched at any time. One that shoots straight forward and one that spreads the shots to the sides. By picking up power-ups that are dropped from enemies the weapons can be upgraded for increased fire power. The game has 14 levels that are split into four different worlds, each with its own content and aesthetics. The goal of each level is simply to destroy all enemies and to get as large score as possible. The player has three ships at the start and when all are lost the game is over. There are no saves between the levels so the player has to start over from the world's first level. Each level also has a time limit and the player loses a life if he doesn't meet it. On the hard and hardest difficulty modes the player can also die by falling off the play arena. By destroying enemies quickly a multiplier bar fills up. For each fill the score multiplier increases and a bonus score pick-up is released on the battlefield.
Full Demo 150MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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