Das Hexagon-Kartell [G] ASCARON Entertainment GmbH 1996

The eponymous crime syndicate practically controls the world. So the governments have no other choice than to found a task force, the United Navy, which shall take care of this problem. The player controls a member of the helicopter unit and leads operations against the Hexagon-Kartell in South America, North Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, China and the Pacific. Every mission starts with the selection of the used helicopter - the game features nine of them: Apache AH-64, Super Cobra, Hind, Sea King, Blackhawk, Belll 222, UH1, MDD 500 and the game-exclusive Witchride. The helicopters have different flight parameters and weaponry, so it is important to choose a appropriate one for every mission. The missions offer a wide variety of goals, e.g. a stealthy destruction of enemy forces, locating convoys or transporting goods. The campaign is mostly non-linear, which means failures don't necessary lead to a game over but change the parameters of the next mission or unlocks an extra mission, e.g. when failing to rescue a crashed pilot the next mission is to rescue him from an enemy camp. Additionally to the campaign there are 14 training missions available where a real-life instructor of the Federal Armed Forces (German: Bundeswehr) introduces the player to the helicopter flight. The difficulty is stepless adjustable, both in respect of the realism of the flight control and the enemy AI. The auto pilot offers a lot of possibilities, e.g. flying to all way points scarcely over the tree tops, holding the height or landing.
German 2CD ISO Demo (provided by corsa & upped by Scaryfun) 981MB

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