Citadel JosiahJack 2019

Early Access Release Citadel is a faithful remake of the original game System Shock created in 1994 by Looking Glass Studios. It uses the Dark Places engine. The game is set in the cyberpunk and not too distant future of 2072. You, the hacker, find yourself waking up on board Citadel Station facing an artificial intelligence that has gone rogue taking over the entire space station. The purpose of this recreation is to present the story of the original to a wider audience, provide an enjoyable experience to a new generation of hackers, and keep true to the original style. Citadel will also include support for cooperative play, deathmatch. After release, all assets, tools, editors, and source code will be available so that new levels or mods can be created.
Free Game *requires Unity 298MB (uploaded by Github)

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