Far Cry 4: Overrun DLC Ubisoft Montreal, Red Storm, Shanghai, Toronto, Kiev / Ubisoft 2015

This DLC for $5, also available as part of the Season Pass, contains: 4 new PvP maps - Enjoy various locations in PvP matches with these new maps. A new PvP mode – three different locations must be captured in each map. As only one location becomes active at a time, both teams have to fight for control of these neutral locations to protect them from being overrun by their opponents. To ensure victory, you willl have to use all resources available and develop new strategies. A new vehicle - The Buggy is now available in the PvP battlefield.
included in Far Cry 4: Gold Edition - Multi16 Repack v1.10 + All DLC + Map Editor 11.3GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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