Gears Of War Epic Games / People Can Fly / Microsoft Game Studios 2007

Gears of War is a 3rd person tactical shooter using the Unreal Engine 3, with the emphasis on cover-based combat. It features a call of duty style recharging health system. This means that when the player takes damage, a crimson omen (which look's like to a cog with a skull in the middle) appears in the middle of the screen. The more pronounced it is, the closer the player is to death. Another unique feature to GoW is the active reload. When the player reloads normally, a line appears under the equipped weapon icon, with part of it shaded out. Hit reload a second time in this segment, and the weapon will reload faster and get a damage boost. Miss, and it will jam.
The game starts with the player's character, Marcus Fenix, a veteran soldier of the Pendulum Wars, being released from jail by best friend and fellow Gear Dominic 'Dom' Santiago. Marcus has been pardoned and released because of the enormous casaulty's the COG (Coalition of Ordered Government's) army has taken during it's brutal 15 year war with a subterranean enemy known only as the Locust Horde. It is now up to the player to help deliver the crippling blow to the Locust Horde and hopefully end the war with them.
Multiplayer is based on the same cover based squad tactics from the single player, in various game types that include warzone (the games standard deathmatch), assassination (you have to kill the enemy teams leader in order to win) and execution (you have to kill all enemy's using execution type kill's). Gears of War also has a co-op mode, in which the second player assumes the role of Dom Santiago.
The window's version has several features not seen in the 360 version of GoW such as five new single player chapters, new multiplayer modes, and DirectX 10 optimization.

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