Box Ranger [K] Soft Action / SKC Soft Land 1992

This is parody of the shooter Fox Ranger. The gameplay, except for a few new weapons and upgrades, is almost identical, but here the player is embodied by a pink Box. The enemies are insects and other small animals for the most part, but the most creepy is a stage where one fights against digitized black & white photos of the developer's faces (yes, Nam Sangkyu has made himself a boss in a video game). And the final boss is ... God? The default weapon shoots short bursts in a straight line, and upgrades include wingmen above and below the box, a shield that protects from attacks until broken, and additional weapons (which can also be acquired between stages by playing a rock-scissors-paper game). A special weapon is activated by pressing a separate key and has limited charges. The box has a set amount of hit points and respawns at the same location when losing a life, until it runs out of them and the player has to restart. Three difficulty levels are available. In between stages, extra weapons can be gained by playing a game of rock paper scissors against him.
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Korean Full Demo 2.39MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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