G-Police Psygnosis 1997

In the years following the late 22nd century's great war for the solar system's resources, the governments of Earth are overthrown, and the entire planet is demilitarized by the megacorporations. It soon becomes apparent that some sort of independent law enforcement agency will be needed to keep the corporate moguls' greed and lust for power in check. Hence, the Government Police are created, and you, as Jeff Slater, war veteran and crack hovership pilot, are their newest recruit. This complex story, along with some bad blood between Slater and his new Commanding Officer, and a "searching for clues about his sister's mysterious death" subplot are enjoyable. The 35 missions are well executed enough to keep the action moving along. The enemies come in all shapes and sizes - aircraft, ground targets, people - and the cops-and-robbers feel of the missions adds an intriguing twist. You're never at a loss for weapons, either. As the level difficulty progresses from frustrating to downright ludicrous, your hovership can be outfitted with more and more powerful weapons. With support for nearly every hardware 3D accelerator on the market when the game was released, G-Police boasts fantastic particle-vapor and transparency effects, along with beautiful textures and sophisticated polygon modeling. The game's visuals are so stunning that it is arguably the most graphically beautiful 3D title on the market at the time.
Level Demo v1.0 ~15MB ( @ PCWorld) / Level Demo v1.19.2 ~10MB ( @ AG.ru)
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Full Demo 88MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 464MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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