Once Bitten, Twice Dead! Dark Day Interactive, Gamestarters 2015

Early Access Release This is an MMO first-person shooter set in an open world with a serious zombie problem. Fight the undead with and chat to a maximum of 100 other players simultaneously - players can join and play games across almost any platform. Pick one of fifteen different characters, each with their own skill set, with which to fight against the undead, utilizing tons of unique weapons. Craft useful items to prepare yourself for the onslaught, but make sure to have your camp built by nightfall: before the infested horde comes back, or you may not survive the night with all of your body parts intact. Fast and furious, yet quirky and fun, it combines all of your favorite game elements – rot-walkers, night survival, crafting, open world play, deadly weapons, multiple game modes, and more into a rip-roaring, zombie-stomping good time. A cartoon art style that really accentuates the eyes of that undead cannibal about to eat your brains. Explore a beautiful and deadly open world complete with day and night cycles. Multiple zombie types to keep you on your toes, by trying to chew them off when you least expect it. 15 unique characters to pick from, each with their own skill set and a serious distrust of anything that shuffles and/or eats human flesh. Use different weapons and protective devices to fight monsters of the deep, mysterious automatons, and other players in PvP. Over 50 weapons and 100 craft-able items, to help you prepare for and combat the horde. Online and offline play modes for those players that demand modes. Mod support, Custom skins, Infected Mode (Coming Soon) - Play the game as the zombie: Crawl, jump and swipe your way across the land, stopping players in their wake. Over 50 different zombie types: From Police, to Wartime Soldiers, Average Joes, Firemen, Company Men, Doctors, and much more (some may offend). Constant updates and game add-ons to keep this game fresh with FREE Frequent DLC.
Full Demo v1.1b 77MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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