Pump-Action Captain Type Advantage, Brain Dead Software / Teknik Gaming 2015

Early Access Release This is a difficult, minimalist, FPS with Rogue-Like and RPG elements. An unconventional hybrid of many different genres. You have only ONE life, and ONE weapon; Your trusty Boom-stick. This uber-fancy shotgun can be upgraded in a number of different ways. Fight off waves of randomized interbreeding enemies, ranging from zombies, to robots, to angry snowmen. Ultimately, you face the worst enemy of them all: the dreaded Deathclock. The longer you play, the harder it gets. It's just you, your shotgun, some luck, and a whole lot of skill. Good luck, Captain. Randomly generated settings, perks, items, props and enemies. No two playthroughs will ever be the same. A modern recipe for an intense gaming challenge. Experience death in the form of Mutation, Radiation, Hunger, Thirst, Exhaustion, Corrosion and Poison. Fight off legions of randomized enemy types that will start to interbreed, creating offspring with mixed attacks and traits. Robot-Dinosaurs, anyone? No genre is truly safe. Perk Cards & Weapon Mods: Mix, match and stack different game changing abilities and items to fit your play style. Manipulate everything from stamina, speed, jump height and tracer spread; to ammo type, fire-rate and time control. A persistant level-up system will keep track of everything you do, while a rewarding currency system will let you deposit and withdraw saved cash for future runs. Horde cash, scavenge for supplies, combine items to install upgrades, or just blow yourself up.
Full Demo (22.08.2015) 878MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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