AirRade -Air- Studio SiestA 2005

This is third in the comical shoot 'em up doujin game series featuring the characters and settings from the anime "Air". It features super-deformed anime heroines battling impossible odds in space combat. All the characters, enemy characters, backgrounds, etc. are all renewed from the original game. Shots and Punches are renewed with more baptismal fury. Shot is easier to use, it leads to high scores and adopted impact gauge. In addition to normal "Terrible", "Terrible shot!" and "Terrible punch!", you can also trigger "Terrible AIR" and "Terrible FEVER! ", etc., new large variety of additional new elements. All the old stages are renewed. 2 players can play at once. Score of more than 1p if using co-op will share in beating the high score.
Trial Demo 81MB (uploaded by Games For Gamers)
Japanese AlcoholClone ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 301MB

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