Hexen II: Portal Of Praevus RavenSoftware / Activision 1998

This mission-CD for Hexen 2 introduced a good new character (Demoness), better puzzles, and more diverse levels which, however, are quickly played. Take on the role of the lethal femme fatale and wield demonic mayhem with her cunning weapons and spells. There's two new hubs - the first is Blackmarsh (medieval Europe) you've seen in the original Hexen II as well, but this time it's winter and thus the look is somewhat different. The second, longer hub is Tulku (theoretically Tibetan, but it's been mixed with Indian and Chinese), featuring amazing new architecture and a cool weather effect, snowflakes. There's 15 new single player levels in all, and three new enemies
Full Demo 17MB Proper Crack ~1MB (upped by keropi)
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ISO Demo 376MB / Music-Rip ISO Demo 195MB / Ready-To-Play Hexen 2 Full Demo plus Portal of Praevus, Updates, Mods and Maps, HexenWorld and Pa3PyX's v1.15 port ~119MB / v1.12 Patch for Source Ports (@ FPS Legends)
Full Demo v1.12 included in iD Software: The 90's Collection 653MB (uploaded by yamibito)

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