Hidden & Dangerous Illusion Softworks / Talonsoft, Take 2 1999

Hidden And Dangerous is a tactical, squad based action game based on World War II. You have full control over all 8 members of your squad, each member having different tactical skills, either shooting, reaction, endurance, etc. When playing as the person the skills are not very noticeable, but when you let the AI take over it comes in very useful. You can choose each member manually or let the computer do it for you. The same applies for weapons and tools. Tactics come in very useful in this game and are required to succeed in a mission, such as different fighting moves or stealth moves. The game matches up and exceeds the greatness of other similar games such as Rainbow Six, Spec Ops, Commandos and Delta Force. There are quite a few missions to do which range from simple infiltrations to hostage rescues. There is also the capability to get in and drive any vehicle you see if you dont feel like walking. It kick-started Illusion Softworks which later went on to do Mafia, became the first Czech game that gained international success, and played an important role in the renaissance of European game development.

See also: #Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe

Small Level Demo ~43MB ( @ Download.com) Level Demo ~73MB (@ Archive.org) Level Demo v2 ~68MB ( @ AG.ru)
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Full Demo 78.52MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
ISO Demo ~354MB (by Scaryfun)

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