Hover! Microsoft 1995

Hover! is a video game that came bundled with Windows 95. It was a showcase for the advanced multimedia capabilities available on personal computers at the time. While primitive by today's standards, Hover! was a landmark in home computer development. It is still available from Microsoft and can be run on all of Microsoft's operating systems released since Windows 95 including Windows Vista. It's a combination of bumper cars and capture the flag. It has three different mazes, repeated with gradient difficulty levels. They resemble a medieval castle, a futuristic city, and a sewer. Each maze has its own unique texture maps, music theme, and spawn locations. Across the top of the game window are the flag area, which indicates the number of flags in play. When the player captures a flag, the flag becomes solid; blue for the flags the player has collected, and red for the flags the drones have picked up. Next to the flag area is the rear view when enabled, and there's also the player's score. The middle window is the main view outside. The bottom of the window contains the object area which contains information about jump, wall, and cloak pods - number picked up, time remaining for that object, and the key associated with each. Also it has the map area, which is a bird's-eye view of the current playing field, and the craft area, which shows the remaining time the player is invincible to hold pads, skid pads, and flag removers; it also shows the direction the player's craft is moving, and its current speed. The map can be magnified and rotated. Flags are represented as blinking dots: blue dots are the player's flags and red dots are the enemy flags. Drones carrying flags are represented as yellow triangles, drones with no flags are blue triangles, attack drones are green triangles, and the red triangle in the center of the map is the player's craft. On October/2013, an updated browser version with brand new 3D graphics and touch gameplay could be played through Internet Explorer 11 or any other browser that supports the Web GL development standard, including Chrome and Firefox. It also offers multiplayer for up to 8 players. Also, if you type in "Bambi" (IBMAB was a string of letters that revealed a secret feature in the original game), you will be brought to the original game running on a Windows 95 desktop. All of this right in your browser.
Free Game ~6MB ( @ ftp.microsoft.com)
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Browser-Playable Free 2013 WebGL Game (uploaded by Official Site)
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Prototype Versions 25MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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