Army Men: World War / Army Men: Operation Meltdown The 3DO Company 2000

Your mission is to lead the Green Army in a vicious battle against the Tan nemesis. Carefully guide your troops through a deadly barrage of enemy fire in over 20 World War II themed missions. Only the best military minds will prevail in this blazing battle of ground based infantry. Many weapons from the era are at your disposal: call in strategic air strikes, a swarm of paratroopers, or quietly shoot the enemy from a distance with your sniper rifle. Never before has a plastic war reached this size and scale. Dive into the trenches! It's Real Combat. Plastic Men. Environments include beaches, jungles, countrysides and war-torn cities. Each army man has a range of weapons to use, including pistols, flame throwers and the bazooka. You can also use heavy artillery such as tanks, jeeps and boats when normal attacks fail to breach the enemy line.
included in Army Men Value Pack 2 - Clone 4CD ISO Demo 1.76GB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 462MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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