Hot War / Huanying Te Gong [Ch] InterServ International Inc. / Sinister Games 1998

The game is based on the Chinese film of the same name - a film which is known as "Hot War" in english speaking territories, although the title doesn't actually translate to that. The name seems a play on "Cold War" given the nature of the plot, but the Chinese title translates to something along the lines of "Phantom Commando". So, it's a film licence video game in essence, and we all know what we think of those. It also doesn't help that the film is supposed to be pretty rubbish, but InterServ seems to make pretty cool games, so the game might play alright. The background of the original script is set in the near-future. It has RPG elements, in addition to showing cinematic style, lighting, and scenery. The 3D graphics has varied perspectives, real fighting pleasure, fascinating story, allowing you to have a virtual experience movies realism, with simple interface and considerate clearly stated instructions, most easy to get started. Play multiple roles, search and investigate all kinds of clues in the game. The game is full of essential items to choose from and a variety of tricks; cinematic grade lighting effects, lifelike sound and light effects.
Chinese Full Demo 65MB (uploaded by ClubShrimp91)

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