Hellsinker Ruminant's Whimper 2005

This is a rather complex doujin shooter. Eschewing the shmup tradition of simple mechanics, it has at least 10 bars on the heads-up display, each with at least one type of item that fills or empties them. To be sure, it is not a game for the casual player. Even in the original Japanese, the game's story is confusing. From what has been gathered, the game is set in a human colony after a central device (known as "The Device") breaks down for mysterious reasons. Most people die, but a small group manages to use small fragments of the Device to survive. The group of survivors gradually rebuild, and begin to track down more parts of the Device to understand the technology of the precursors. A group known as the Graveyard, which includes the player characters, tries to go to a part of the Device known as the Cardinal Shaft located on the artificial island "Paradise" to do research. However, they encounter hostile robots called Prayers and were repelled on two previous occasions. Hellsinker focuses on the third attempt. There's also something about a lost cat waiting for its owner. It has gorgeous graphics but also an excessively complicated interface. Hold the Z key to shoot, press the X key to activate your alternate weapon and tap the C key to launch a bomb. Use the V key to bring up a pause menu.
Level Demo 74MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)
Full Demo 237MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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