Laserlife Choice Provisions 2015

Remember what it means to be a human in this interactive biography of a dead astronaut found in deep space by future intelligences who have no concept of humankind. With technology far beyond human comprehension, the discoverers of the astronaut use lasers to build physical replicas of the astronaut's long-dead memories in hopes to understand what this strange creature was and why they are floating through space alone. By controlling dual lasers with both analog sticks, players will: Collect Memory molecules scattered around the mysterious space ship; Harmonize the Astronaut’s memories within the Astronaut's metaphysical plane; Warp back to reality through the Astronaut’s subconscious, avoiding mental blocks; Energize the dead Astronaut so it can create physical manifestations of its memories; It's meant to be played in one sitting, so turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and get lost in this existential adventure about what it means to be a human. It requires either an Intel RealSense Camera or a controller in order to play.
ISO Demo 970MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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