Ballistic Overkill Aquiris Game Studio 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Mar 28/2017 This is a commercial version of the free-to-play version of this fast paced PvP shooter with no microtransactions, with the full experience and content unlocked from day 1. Easy pick up and play, no complicated setups or rules: it's kill or be killed. A new form of energy was discovered 15 years ago. Clean, safe and abundant, it changed the course of civilization. It's 2035 and a secret war surfaces for the first time as megacorporations fight for the control of the energy, hiring armies of highly skilled mercenary soldiers. Select a role from 6 different characters, each with their own skill tree and weapon arsenal. Level up to unlock additional skins and loadouts. Mercenaries are designed to compliment each other’s skills, but each is fully capable of delivering insane frags on the battlefield: no wimpy support classes, everyone is a killer. Over 30 unique weapons ranging from state of the art modern assault rifles, light machine guns, sub-machine guns, machine-pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and sidearms to more specialized ones like grenade launchers and ninja swords. Each character has two unique skill-trees designed to allow you great strategic and tactical advantages over your opponents: each has many options so make sure to try and come up with a build that fits your playstyle: Do you prefer to run and gun with extra damage for sprinting? Or take a more strategic approach and reveal enemies on the minimap for you and your friends? Each level is crafted to deliver a unique atmosphere and allowing four gameplay modes, with up to 16 players: free-for-all, team-deathmatch, capture-points or king-of-the-hill.
Full Demo v1.3.8 1.81GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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