Dark Years RSK Entertainment / KISS ltd 2015

Inspired by true events, this is set in 1953 Tehran, Iran and is a continuation of the mystery adventure game Murder in Tehran's Alleys 1933. Tehran is in the grip of fear following a series of grisly murders. Major Afshar has been tasked with finding those responsible. Meanwhile, some 3,300 miles away in London, an Iranian journalist is handed documents that uncover a conspiracy of seismic proportions. As both the Major and the journalist delve deeper, their paths will cross, plans for a coup will be uncovered and Western government involvement will be exposed. It's an action-adventure game based on the real events surrounding 'Operation Ajax'. In an attempt to secure the rights to Iran's oil, the British and American governments secretly backed a coup that over-threw the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh. The result was a period of great instability and violence. Key Game Features: open-world gameplay; combat, self-defense, shooting and driving; over 25 characters with nearly 3000 lines of dialogue; compelling narrative, over 8 hours of gameplay.
ISO Demo 1.87GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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