Incoming Subversion: The Official Expansion Pack Rage Software / Instant Access International 1998

Released in October, 6 months after the original game, Subversion is an expansion pack for Incoming with all new crafts, missions, and landscapes. Excellent graphics (for 1998) along with fast arcade action are the norm as you command gun turrets and/or various air/ground vehicles and shoot a lot of bad guys in full 3D. The Incoming alien threat has been eliminated, and many new corporations became mega-powerful as they exploit the alien technology left behind. The Earth Defense Forces were reduced as nobody expected the peace to end... Until the US Superblock and European States suddenly were attacked by HUGE numbers of unknown invaders. The bases were overwhelmed so quickly they barely have time to call for help. Earth Defense Forces were called out to protect Earth once again. Will they be enough and what threat are they fighting?
Standalone Full Demo 20MB (uploaded by keropi)
ISO Demo 22MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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