Bombshell Interceptor Entertainment / 3D Realms 2016

From the creators of Rise of the Triad and legendary game maker 3D Realms comes this action role-playing game (in early development it was planned to be Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction). Bomb disposal technician turned mercenary for hire, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison must strong-arm her way across 4 planets in an Unreal Engine-powered galactic adventure to rescue the president from an apocalyptic alien threat. With out-of-this-world enemies, a never-before-seen arsenal of devastating weaponry and a host of genre-crossing mechanics, Bombshell is set to blow you away. Be part of Bombshell's debut as she fights to save the president and her people from a maniac's mechanical monstrosity. Traverse the dying world of Kyrron as it's consumed by its neighboring sun, discover the secrets of a civilization frozen in time on the distant world of Zeroth and travel to the epitome of technology - a villain's vision which threatens to consume all that exists. Shell, shock and shatter your way through vicious, bloodthirsty predators, an augmented alien species, and the remnants of an ancient race re-animated, with more than 10 weaponized arm modifications. Fierce finishing moves and interactive environments make Bombshell as dynamic as she is deadly. Brilliantly brutal isometric shooting layered with classic role-playing mechanics, including experience points, upgrades, side quests, and non-linear levels. All with a twist of first-person shooter mechanics.
GOG ISO Demo v2.4.0.6 + OST + Extras 8.36GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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