iPanzer '44 Charybdis / Interactive Magic 1998

It's 1944, the final months of world war 2 and you are in command of a tank division. With the choice of 3 nations (Russian, German and American) to campaign with and either the western or eastern fronts to chose from... you must strategically direct your tanks to the areas where they'll do much good. Tanks are slow unweilding vehicles however and you'll be reaching for your binoculars as well as spotter and advance units to determine where to direct your fire. Individual objectives are varied and determined by the map you are playing as well as the starting point that you choose. Accurately simulates the three most important tanks of WWII: M4A3(76) "Sherman" (America), PzKw V Ausf.G "Panther" (Germany), or T-34-85 (Russia). Includes other tanks, tank destroyers, assault guns, half-tracks, trucks, jeeps, and more. Eighty combat areas with randomly generated battles for unlimited gaming. Four different campaigns - command Americans or Germans in the famous "Battle of the Bulge" or Russians or Germans on the cataclysmic "Eastern Front".
2001 Budget - Clone ISO Demo 402MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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