Jane's Combat Simulations: U.S. Navy Fighters '97 Electronic Arts, Inc. 1997

U.S. Navy Fighters is the update to the best-selling US Navy Fighters Gold package. This new version runs in WIN9X, and adds a Vietnam Airwar campaign with the related planes such as the F-8 Crusader, F-4 Phantom, A-7 Corsair, and improved multiplayer capabilities. It kicks off the campaign with President Richard Milhaus Nixon announcing Operation Linebacker. And then it's over to you, strapped into the F4J (with guns) and ready to rock'n'roll! If you want a tad more authenticity you can fly the F-4B which had no guns. Be warned though the AIM-7 Sparrows and AIM-9B Sidewinders are dumbed down from their usual sim efficiency. This is to give you a taste of their actual performance (hits and misses ) in combat at the time (a fairly dismal record).. Drop the flaps, burner on and HAUL the beast over the top. Plus it has the detailed technical information only available from Jane's Information Group. Now you can fly 14 different naval combat aircraft, spanning 30 years of conflict. Fly F-4 Phantoms over the jungles of Vietnam, or F/A-18 Hornets off the coast of the Kurile Islands. Engage in vicious guns only dogfights, or precision ground strikes using fire-and-forget smart weapons. Even battle human opponents with full modem and network support. All of this, with over 100 missions, across three separate campaigns.

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Included in Jane's Combat Simulations: Fighters Anthology (1997) 2CD ISO Demo 989MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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EA CD ROM Classics - Clone ISO Demo 583MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Mods/Fan-Made Missions

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