KUĀ² Impact Panther Software 1995

This shump, originally on X68000 in 1993, is composed of two distinct sets, each with a very different background. The first ranks in the category of Cut'em Up, with colorful shots, silly and stupid to perfection but so endearing. The scenario takes on two lines, the first part is based on a simple but original and effective gameplay mechanism. In addition to upgradable weapons you have, your craft is tracked by a module modeled as a leech. This module has several utilities and functions as follows: your creature will grow as you destroy more enemies. In practice it will just make sure to place it in front of an enemy, so that it gobbles it. So what good is it to feed? Well your first module can also shoot and of course, the more it gets bigger, the more powerful the shot will be. But that's not all, this module also protects you from enemy fire, and so the fact of hiding behind will in a lot of situations to save your skin. Hence the importance of controlling it. Do not be fooled by the appearance of childish graphics, the difficulty is quite high and to reach the final boss will not be easy, the high number of levels are not easy things. It has original gameplay, impeccable and long living technology, but the second part is completely different regarding the graphic aspect of the game, with bioorganic monsters influenced by R-Type. The gameplay remains substantially the same as the first part. Your machine is equipped with new modules, but you have two that are arranged on either side of your ship. These two modules can be drawn, must be fed with enemies, the more they eat, the more the shooting they will be powerful. There is still a new element that is important, the number of enemies you swallow correspond to the number of balls that your bugs spit. So it will ensure to always be at full strength to be able to beat some enemies, including level end boss which have the merit of giving you a hard time.
Clone ISO Demo 479MB (uploaded by roioros)
Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Rodwod & upped by Scaryfun) 480MB
Korean ISO Demo + Full Demo to run on modern o/s 478+159MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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