Z1 Battle Royale / H1Z1: King of the Hill NantG team / Daybreak Games 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Sep 20/2016 Multiplayer open-world zombie sandbox crafting building survival etc. H1Z1 is splitting in half. H1Z1: Just Survive will keep doing that sandbox survival stuff while H1Z1: King of the Kill will focus on man vs. man arena murdertimes, like its Battle Royale mode. Folks who’ve paid for H1Z1 in Early Access before the split on February 16, 2016 will receive both, but they'll cost $19.99 each afterwards (still in Early Access). On Mar 8/2018, the game was made free to play. In September 2018, development of H1Z1 was transferred to a third-party studio, who reverted the game back to an earlier milestone from early-2017, and renamed it Z1 Battle Royale.
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Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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