Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard MicroProse 1998

KHG is basically one massive FPS game with you, the Klingon seeking honor and revenge wandering around solving puzzles and killing people...the puzzle solving is a bit iffy, you don't see a Klingon solving puzzles, they just kill people. You start the game in the middle of a training exercise, and quickly move into the real plot: save Chancellor Gowron by uncovering a sinister plot to overthrow the empire and mercilessly slaughtering the conspirators. The story is above par for your standard first-person shooter, and the well-known and liked Star Trek universe certainly helps draw the player in. As a Klingon warrior you get to use a varied arsenal of weapons, from your trusty D'k Tahg (a small blade you use for disembowelling your enemies or throwing into their backs) to the more impressive Bat'leth (the sword of honor, a traditional Klingon weapon). The game also includes energy weapons, from the standard disrupter pistol up to the Sith Har blaster and Particle Dispersal Cannon - although a true Klingon warrior must see the fear in his enemies' eyes before leaving his knife in their throat. The game itself was based on a relatively new engine...Unreal. At that time the Unreal engine was notoriously buggy, not the refined one it is today, and the bugs were apparent all the way through the games from the various blips on the screen to full blown crashes for no apparent reason. It was definitely the first Star Trek computer game in a long while that broke the trend of mediocre Trek games. It looks great, and captures the mood of ST:TNG almost perfectly. You will battle in many Klingon locations including a suburb, the penal atroid Rura Penthe, and even the interior of a famous Bird of Prey spaceship. In true Star Trek spirit, you will make use of various gadgets throughout the game, including the tricorder and combat goggles. Also like in Unreal, the enemy AI is excellent. Your opponents will stage ambushes, and they do dodge and fire accurately especially on the "Klingon" difficulty setting which is very challenging. Multiplayer, via IPX and Internet, is supported, although the levels are not very interesting for multiplayer action.
Level Demo 33MB ( @
Full Demo ~121MB (upped by keropi)
2CD ISO Demo 755MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on modern o/s 949MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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