Good Robot Pyrodactyl 2016

In 2031, unchecked pollution meant humans could no longer survive on the Earth's surface. Fortunately, PyroCorp saved the world by building massive underground cities with an army of intelligent robots. Everything was fine - until one day, the robots went bananas and killed all humans. To avert a public relations and stock market nightmare, PyroCorp rests its final hope on you - the only remaining Good Robot. Erase all evidence that suggests PyroCorp caused human extinction. Terminate all bad robots, for they are the incriminating evidence. Support PyroCorp by purchasing the latest in robot destruction technology. Save yourself from killer robots by making sure your killer robot is better. DON'T question what you're told, listen to what the virus has to say, talk to the robots or romance the robots. Navigate procedurally generated labyrinths that provide a different challenge every time. Use a vast range of weapons, from the reflecting laser and plasma mortar to the classic shotgun and exploding bouncing frisbee. Customize your killbot with an upgrade system guaranteed to improve termination efficiency. OR you can just waste all of your money on buying hats. Compete for high scores on global leaderboards and with your friends. It has trace amounts of dystopian humor.
Full Demo 72MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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