Black Magic Wiz 1997

The confront between the East and the West collapsed in 1990. And it started to bring about the chaos in its social structure and liberty. On the part of the old west, regardless of their economic and social developments, it also has affected the society. On the other hand, in the old east, its chaotic situations caused to turmoil the whole country, far from being their development in the economy and society. The stage is Theotiwakhan, in the middle of a fierce civil war. After a vehement battle of the government force against the anti-government force, it has fallen into the stalemate situation. The government force calls for the rescue of the NATO force, but it is rejected by the United Nations Force. A band of the anti-government force gives up the all-out combat and wages frequent guerrilla wars everywhere. The government force establishes a special army band for corresponding to the guerrilla bands. In the wake of the foundation of the special army, they confidentially ask for the dispatch of the training team for their own army from the United States Force. However, the members of the team are eventually composed of the foreign bands coming from all over the world coping with occurrence of any emergency.
ISO Demo 14.8MB (uploaded by myloch)
Japanese ISO Demo + English Partial Translation 23.6MB+253kb (uploaded by Habanero)

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