Flying Tigers II Ticsoft 1994

Obviously a sequel to Flying Tigers, this game makes us the pilot of a hi-tech ship, known as "Flying Tiger". According to the story, you are fighting "techno terrorists" who have begun a sinister plot to destroy all the Flying Tigers. Whatever, let's just go shoot some planes. Similar to Raptor, this is a typical vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up, where you have to survive until end of level. Planes attack you relentlessly, and each four levels you get to fight several bosses - very powerful and strong planes. You can also come upon zeppelins of steel (don't ask), warships and active volcanoes. While you'll be flying over the sea most of the time, you can also encounter patches of land with ground installations of them; all of these can be blown up. During your mission, you'll find weapon upgrades (which also heal you a little). The yellow bonuses change the type of your main weapon (which is basically a machine gun), while the blue ones give you a secondary weapon - such as lasers, missiles or flaming napalm. You can shoot the bonuses to change the weapon contained within them. At the end of every level, you get bonus points for the planes and buildings you destroyed.
Full Demo 2MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Full Demo + DOSBox 1MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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