Max Payne (Dark Justice, Max Heat) Remedy Entertainment / Gathering of Developers 2001

A small Finnish developer team worked a couple of years on this revolutionary game. Playing in third person as Max Payne, you are seeking revenge. The story is a tough one - Max's family (wife and baby) got killed by unscrupulous delinquent criminals who are feeding the market with a new drug. The people behind it are very powerful and almighty but Max hasn't anything to lose. Followed by optically well designed nightmares, Max only knows revenge without any compromise. Max has to fight against detailed and real-looking enemies. Sadly, they all look similar; there are merely six different looking enemies. Max is supported by the Bullet Time feature, one of the new improvements to FPS gameplay that Max Payne brings. If the Bullet Time is enabled, everything (also Max) moves in slow motion but with the exception that his weapon can be handled in real time. This gives the player enormous advantages. I would say, without this mode the game isn't even beatable in easy skill mode. Why would one not use this cool game feature? Besides, the fights look quite real. After shooting, the bullets leave holes everywhere - parts of the walls fly around during heavy gunfights which give this a kind of Matrix feeling. I never got bored playing Max Payne at any time. With cool action and a storyline filled to the maximum (set up in cool comic drawings) one is fighting through the story like being addicted (under drugs). After playing through it, one directly starts in the next higher skill level. There are only little things to criticize: the linear and resulting short gameplay. But I more prefer a short game than a storyline which never seems to stop and gets boring with time. With this special Bullet Time and also with the design of the fighting actions, Max Payne sets up a standard which surely will be copied and implemented in other games and is without a doubt the best action game of the year 2001! In 2008, a loosely based movie version starring Mark Wahlberg was released to mostly poor reviews.
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Level Demo ~131MB ( @ FileFront)
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Total Conversions
Fan-Made Mods
Full Demo ~256MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)Intro ~7MB / Music ~40MB (uploaded by keropi) Music rip fix created by Jjim. Full Music/Ambient Addon ~28MB / Speech & Misc Addon ~55MB (both created for 3DSL by Jjim and Hellsgate & uploaded by keropi) Manual ~3MB (scanned by Hellsgate & uploaded by keropi)
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Vista/Win7 Sound Fix
ISO Demo ~677MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Widescreen FIX 645kb (uploaded by Games Pressure)
EU AlcoholClone ISO Demo 784MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Pre-Order Bonus CD - ISO Demo 681MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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