CyberSpeed Mindscape International Ltd. / Mindscape, Inc. 1995

Race around a futuristic race track tied to a cable, bumping and shooting your opponents. Think "Wipeout" meets cable cars. Cyberspeed is the World Television event of the future. Spread throughout the galaxy, there are ten tracks, each of which consists of a looped force beam, with other force beams branching off it. Each of the eight ships is connected to the track by a force beam, and each ship draws energy directly from the force beams. Energy to your ship can be drained by taking corners too fast, firing your weapons, getting hit by enemy fire, colliding with other ships, and by simply driving the ship. You can increase your energy by picking up power-ups that you'll find along the tracks. Each ship comes with a few extra engine power cells which can be used to break the sound barrier. It's broken up into three different kinds of races: Tournament Race, Free Race, and Time Trial. The tournament consists of ten different basic races against seven opponents, with additional bonus races that pit you against Super Ships. The Free Race is a single race against seven opponents, and you can only race on the first two tracks or on ones that you have already completed. The Time Trial is similar to the Free Race, but with only two pilots competing. In each of the three kinds of races, you can choose between eight different ships. Each ship is ranked according to thrust, mass, speed, and shield strength, and each ship is equipped with the same kinds of weapons: plasma bolts, missiles, and mines.
ISO Demo 583MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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