Narcos Johan Peter Lems 1999

This is a 3D game created with the beta GCS 3D engine by Pie in the Sky software. This engine is not yet perfect, there are errors (bugs) in the game. Because this engine is continuously improved, the aim is that within the year the engine derives from where polygon objects can be used. The current engine uses objects created from 2D still images NL. sprites. Narcos Industries is a company that produces a biological weapon. This weapon is used by criminal or terrorist organisations to put opponents in a deep sleep that they go into a coma and never wake up. Your job is to use a time bomb to destroy the vital part of production being built on a pyramid. But beware, if you have the time bomb activated, you should try to get back as soon as possible where you started in this level otherwise it's game over! Game tips: Try to find your weapon in level 1 first and collect as many lives. You can get everything in there with the Enter key. Select your inventory with the S key and the Enter key. Please save your health and ammunition and do not wait too long to upgrade your health.
Free Game 3.6MB (uploaded by GCS Games)

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