Legend of Eden2, The [J] Afoon, Shadow Entertainment / Nippon Columbia 1996

Humanity and the future that can be unfolded in the future global environment of this spectacular game of life. It provides a powerful experience with a traditional method of graphical video and shooting with vertical scrolling. The stage is the earth in the future. Humanity has given up earth's drastically degraded global environment and emigrated to Mars. The abandoned earth has been gradually occupied by various new creatures. Three youths who long for the good-old-earth, head for the salvation and re-discovery of an ideal world on the earth again. Starting from Africa, they proceed through Eurasia, America and finally to Antarctica. There are 8 stages. It is a long journey on a fighter aircraft ....
ISO Demo (special thanks to Legends World contributors who purchased game) (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 386MB
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