Pencil Whipped Chiselbrain Software (Lonnie J. Flickinger) 2000

A truly unique FPS. All the textures are scanned pencil drawings. All sound effects are made by the programmer with a microphone. You face numerous enemies that pop out of the ground and insult you. The game is in black and white, with occasional splashes of color.
There isn't much of a story as so much as there is exploration of a bizarre series of caverns and doors. You collect hand grenades and guns to shoot such characters as Doobie Dude and the rats.
Created with tongue firmly in cheek, this game is fully programmed and designed by Lon Flickinger for the 2000 Independent Game Festival and uses the Pie In The Sky Software engine.
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2-level Demo v2.48 ~13MB ( @ JeuxVideo)
2-level Demo v2.48 13MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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