Quake 2: Deathmatch Maker II Virtus Corporation 1998

Deathmatch Maker 2 is a level-editing tool that works with id Software's Quake II. This editor enables you to construct intricate maps; populate them with monsters, weapons, and secrets; and, finally, compile them into a format Quake II can read. Once complete, you can load your map from the Quake II command console and take a virtual spin through your creation. The product uses a well-designed interface to help make level editing easier and faster. The screen is split into three main windows. The first serves as an extended menu, showing you what textures and pre-made objects are available for placement in your map. The second and third provide 2-D wireframe and 3-D rendered previews of your map, respectively. Editing is primarily a drag-and-click process and is fairly intuitive after some practice. The combination of fully-stocked drag-and-drop palettes, robust object oriented drawing tools and Virtus Corporation's renowned WalkThrough technology, creates a level editor unrivaled for accessibility and ease of use.
ISO Demo + Mirror ~34MB (upped by Shattered)

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