Raising Dead Gelios Software 1999

If you are curious how bad a game can be, then here is your chance to see. Raising Dead is a sequel of Smuta, and you fight supposedly against the undead criminals of Ivan the Terrible's epoch. Smuta 1941. Winter. The enemy came close to Moscow. The Soviet command was looking for any opportunity to increase the power of the army and turn the tide of war. A group of young Soviet scientists proposed a new project to create special weapons and military units. Deep underground, a top-secret laboratory was established. Modern equipment, food, electricity - everything was in abundance. In April 1942, a fascist bomb caused the breakout of an underground tributary of the Moscow River and numerous landslides. Laboratories were cut off from the surface, and communication was cut off. In 1996, in sensitive sites security personnel discovered in a state of shock completely white elderly people. It turned out that they were those who disappeared here during excavations in 1968. The laboratory had not been flooded, and they continued their mysterious jobs in an automatic mode. And since it was built on the site of the underground cemeteries of criminals since Ivan the Terrible, this led to a sinister and unexpected consequences: the spirits of villains and criminals are able to materialize and destroy the underground people. Gradually from the depths, the spirits appeared in the subway and kidnapped and killed people. If left unchecked, they will flood the town, and will begin a terrible turmoil. The Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a group of underground fighters of special forces on a mission to find the special laboratory, and in case of detection of the enemy, destroy them. They found maze walls and strange antiquities on the floor. The only familiar spot - the iron door with a sign "Caution: Power." The commander ordered them to disperse and to check the nearby areas. Then it all started. Strange sounds, howling and creaking came from everywhere. Somewhere, shooting was heard. Suddenly, there were people in old clothes who rushed to the fighters. A soldier came to his senses and realized that he was alone. By all means he must get to the surface, to tell people what's going on under the ground. There's hovering skulls and deadly mushrooms and levels all in similar looking streets and alleys between buildings. The gameplay is awful; don't say you weren't warned.
Screenshots & "Painful Review"
Shareware v1.7 ~4MB ( @ BrotherSoft.com)
Full Demo v1.7 + Serials 4MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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