Raiders of the Broken Planet: Alien Myths Campaign MercurySteam / Mercury Steam Entertainment s.l. 2017

Harec's must find the legendary Protectors, but he needs old flame Shae in order to do it. She won't trust him after how things ended last time. Ironic that the future of the Broken Planet depends on two broken hearts. This is a premium stand alone campaign for Raiders of the Broken Planet; an intense adventure of 4 challenging missions. Play 4 vs 1 or go solo. Choose Harec, Konstantin, Alicia or Lycus as your Raider. Rescue Shae to help find the legendary Protectors. Hire other Raiders, like Hans, Mikah or Ginebra. Choose your favorite and customize them using mission rewards. ... OR CHANGE SIDES: Infiltrate the Raiders missions as an ANTAGONIST, team up with the bad guys and stop the Raiders finding the Protectors. Being the bad guy has never felt so good. Combining narrative missions with 4 vs 1 competitiveness, Raiders of the Broken Planet is a one-of-a-kind experience.
included in Spacelords - Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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