Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams / Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut Creature Labs / Konami 2002

This is a very scary sequel to the popular Playstation game Silent Hill which was never ported to the pc. The game starts when you get a letter from your dead wife and you go to the creepy town of Silent Hill to investigate. As you go about talking to characters and solving puzzles you end up meeting some of the most scary monsters ever put in a game. The whole atmosphere of the game through its dark and lovely graphics, eerie sounds and music is all of the highest quality. There is a also a new story called "Born from a Wish" that you can play with which tells the tale of Maria (One of the characters that you meet along the way) and what happened to her which is almost as large as the main story. Also included is a sixth ending to the main scenario and a minor feature that allows you to turn off the graphical effect that makes the game look like it was shot on cheap film stock. Be warned though this is definitely for adults only as it involves schizophrenia, suicide, manic depression, and child death. There are some pretty grisly scenes of murder, blood, mutilated corpses, and some images and videos that are shocking, graphic, and disturbing. It's highly recommended for all horror fans.
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3CD ISO Demo ~1.55GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 1.79GB (uploaded by BigBoxG13)
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Enhanced Edition (Community Fixes) 26MB+4.4GB+1.5GB (uploaded by Official Site)

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