Space Bunnies Must Die! Jinx/Ripcord Games 1998

Yet another Tomb Raider wannabe but this time they try to inject some humor also. The female heroine must defeat killer alien rabbits which are nicely designed. You take on the role of Allison Huxter, a truck-stop waitress who must save her kidnapped sister from the clutches of the evil Space Bunnies. Along the way you'll discover the Bunnies' plans and stop them to save the earth. Gameplay involves Allison running about, climbing on things, hopping from various ledges, and shooting whatever stands in her way. Use strange and effective weaponry: the H.A.R.E. Guns blast DeBoner Rays, Plasma Bullets, Fireballs, and more. You can also use unusual navigational aids: activate monkey bars, copters, and mutants like the Bunny Frog, Bunny Mammoth, the Manbit and Sharkbit. Help Allison figure out bizarre bunny technology to escape Smashers, Laser Fields, pools of molten lava, mutating slime, and more. She has some funny one-liners like Duke Nukem too. It uses white trash humor, goofy designs, and silly objects. At times, you can start dancing at will and the bunnies will lay down their weapons and dance along to make it easier to shoot them. The weapons and level designs are not that good however.
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Level Demo 34MB (uploaded by
Full Demo ~132MB (by keropi)
ISO Demo 431MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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