Veggie Killer Drunken Apes 2018

The sun is shining and a soft wind is blowing in the local park. It's the perfect weather for a BBQ. But wait... some evil mutated veggies just couldn't accept that you just want to chill and eat bacon and some juicy sausages in the park. They are trying to convince you that eating meat is madness (?!) That you should bend down and eat the grass from the fields like you would be a freaking cow (?!) They are telling you that your way of living is wrong and that only they know how you should live your life. Now it's time to defend your grill against this noisy, blabbering veggies and to show them what you are made of - strong, manly meat. This is a funny and totally juicy first-person arena shooter, survive several days in the park and slaughter your way through hefty waves of mutated veggies. Also, you can demonstrate your ultimate veggie killer skills by playing the endless mode. Features: defend your grill against countless waves of veggies and unlock more perfect days to have a BBQ in the campaign mode; survive endless hordes of veggies and slaughter your way through them in the endless mode; find and use different weapons to survive this nasty plague even longer; find powerful power-ups to battle even the healthiest of them all (yes you! You disgusting broccoli, we are am looking at you!); use the park and it's pathways and corners to your advantage; best filters and lit colors you have ever seen; Trading Cards (coming as soon as possible, well when it sells enough...); upcoming updates with new guns, more veggies, and new parks to bless with the smell of grilled BACON. On Dec 19/2019, a Remastered version was released with enhanced graphics and new and reworked guns with lots of punch to battle even the healthiest of them all (yes you! You disgusting broccoli, we are am looking at you!)
Download: None currently available
Remastered Screenshots/Videos

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